Thanks for the feedback!!

Some great enhancements in this Release detailed below.

But first, just a quick reminder that you can add any new feature requests or proposed changes to existing features by clicking the Give feedback link within the EvaluAgent platform....

Clicking the link reveals our Product feedback pages where you can access our public roadmap and add ideas by clicking Give Feedback and posting the details of your request.


Here, you can also access everyone else's feedback and ideas and vote on posts (we'll be prioritising enhancements based on the most popular requests)

Finally, whenever a post is updated with input from us or another user, or a feature is delivered, you'll get an email updating you. 

We're really enjoying reading all the feedback and ideas and it's a great way of ensuring the system works for you. 

What's new in this Release?

With the core platform now fully released, from now on we'll be aiming to deliver regular enhancement releases (at least 2 per month). These will be in addition to the bigger function releases coming soon (E.g. speech analytics).

This enhancement release includes the following feature enhancements.

  1. Create a contact: Duration is now an optional field - saving time for users who have said it's not necessary / available on non-call contacts
  2. Edit an evaluation: Ability to edit all details (including summary details) - See How do I edit an evaluation?
  3. Ownership and publication date of an edited evaluation: Previously, when a user edited an evaluation, the editor was automatically assigned ownership and the publication date changed to when the edit was published. This is no longer the case - unless specifically edited, the original evaluator and publication date is retained.
  4. Top & Bottom performing line items on dashboard: Now shows 5 rather than 3 line items
  5. Free text field on evaluations: You can now add any free-text data to an evaluation and search for key words and phrases via the completed evaluations table

More enhancements coming soon! In the meantime, please keep the feedback flowing - it's an integral part of our commitment to making EvaluAgent the best quality & improvement platform around.

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