How do I configure coaching topics?

Getting started

Go to Coach & Feedback Settings and click the Coach topics tab

When you start a coaching session, you'll be prompted to select a coach topic.

The system includes a number of default coach topics and you can add your own by simply entering the topic and clicking Add topic to add it to your list of active coach topics.

Active topics will be made available for selection when you start a coaching session. To hide a topic, simply make it Inactive by clicking the Active pill. In the same way, to re-activate an Inactive topic, simply click the Inactive pill. 

Use quality data

If you wish to focus a coaching session on quality data and be able to select specific line items to focus on, then the chosen topic must have the Use quality data setting equal to Yes. 

Alternatively, if you wish to use external data as the focus of a session, then the chosen topic must have the Use quality data setting equal to No.

To configure this setting for each topic simply click the Yes / No pill on the row of the topic you wish to configure.

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