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You can now integrate EvaluAgent with Zendesk, Salesforce and Freshdesk. What's more - with our integration partner, Zapier, you can now integrate with over 1,000 other applications including the most common CRM and Chat platforms

ea-integrations-tweening.gifEvaluAgent offers a wide range of native and non-native integrations enabling you to integrate CRM, telephony, call-recording, and chat systems to EvaluAgent.

Each integration will operate slightly differently based on each third-party's connection protocols and the permissions/credentials required to set up integrations. However, in a nutshell, each Integration will enable you to benefit from a number of time-saving features:

  • Automatically fetch and present contacts from the third party system into EvaluAgent based on filters you configure.
  • Select and assign imported contacts for evaluation.
  • Access the underlying contact during evaluation and from the evaluation result screen via a link back to the third-party system. (So long as the User has access credentials for the third party system

Where supported by the third party system, the integration will also enable you to:

  • Push an evaluation result back into the third-party system allowing Users to access a quality result linked to a contact from within the third-party system
  • Manually request a contact to be evaluated from within the third party system.

Current Integrations available

In addition to these native integrations you can now use our Zapier connector to integrate over 100 other CRM and chat platforms with EvaluAgent

Questions and Answers

How easy is it to set up an Integration?

We've made it really easy and it should only take a few clicks for you to set up an integration. It's typically a two-step process.

  1. Firstly, you set up the integration - To do this, you'll typically need to be the system administrator / account owner of the third party system. There's a guide for setting up an integration with each third party system we support. E.g. How do I integrate with Zendesk?
  2. Secondly, you set up a connector for the Integration. A Connector is in effect a rule-set of filters which will be applied when EvaluAgent fetches contacts from the third-party system. The filters determine which contacts are fetched and which ones are ignored. There's a guide for setting connectors for each third party integration we support. E.g. How do I filter which contacts are imported from Zendesk?


Does the integration service actually fetch all the contact details into EvaluAgent?

NO. Based on the filters configured by you when you set up a connector, EvaluAgent “fetches” (from the third-party platform) a reference (URL link to the record in the third-party platform) along with some summary data for each contact record that complies with the configured filters. EvaluAgent only stores the URL link that, when clicked takes the user to the details of the contact within the third-party platform (subject to the user being signed into the third-party system). 

How do I link-up users in my system(s) to users in EvaluAgent?

Every contact that is fetched from your system will have an assigned User.  In order to evaluate an imported contact, the User Identifier field in your system needs to be linked-up to one of EvaluAgent's User Identifier fields to link the contact and any associated results back to the same person. Click here for more information.

Are the contacts modified in any way within EvaluAgent?

No. Absolutely not. EvaluAgent doesn’t store and can’t edit any details associated with the contact (especially customer details). Integrations are one-way, EvaluAgent only “consults” contact data on demand and only sends quality results back to the third party platform (and only if you've integrated the EvaluAgent App with your third-party system).

What security protocols are in place to secure data relating to my contacts?

Data is transmitted using encrypted TLSv1.1 and higher over HTTPS and data at rest is kept encrypted using industry standard AES-256 on EBS Volumes in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre.

How may integrations can I add?

The number of integrations you can add to EvaluAgent is determined by your plan. However, for any integration, you may add multiple connectors.

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