How do I generate feedback for an agent during evaluation?

Getting started

If the scorecard has been designed to allow line item feedback, section, and/or evaluation feedback then, during evaluation, the evaluator will be able to add feedback as part of the evaluation process.

For line item feedback, the evaluator clicks the pencil icon alongside the line item concerned. To add feedback at section level, or at the end of the evaluation, the evaluator clicks the relevant link....

On clicking either the icon or the link, the following modal window pops-up...

Here you can:

  1. Add "positive", "neutral", and/or "negative" sentiment feedback. Don't worry, we know those aren't quite the right words to us - the three sentiment options are just to enable you to classify feedback to help focus and prioritise feedback and coaching interventions. In feedback settings, you can configure the words and phrases used to prompt line item item, section and evaluation feedback
  2. Select other people to notify about the feedback. Add as many people as you like by clicking their names on the drop-down.


Notifying Agents and Managers about feedback 

The Agent and any additional people you have copied into the feedback will be notified automatically once the evaluation is published.

Subject to the settings you configure in Notification settings, the relevant parties will be notified either by the system notification service and/or an email.

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