You can now integrate EvaluAgent with Zendesk, Salesforce and Freshdesk - with more integrations coming very soon! 

ea-integrations-tweening.gifOver the coming months, EvaluAgent will offer a wide range of native and non-native integrations that will enables you to integrate CRM, telephony, call-recording, and chat systems to EvaluAgent.

Each integration will work slightly differently based on each third-party's connection protocols and the permissions/credentials required to set up integrations. However, in a nutshell, each Integration will enable you to benefit from a number of time-saving features:

  • Automatically fetch and present contacts from the third party system into EvaluAgent based on filters you configure.
  • Select and assign imported contacts for evaluation.
  • Access the underlying contact during evaluation and from the evaluation result screen via a link back to the third-party system. (So long as the User has access credentials for the third party system

Where supported by the third party system, the integration will also enable you to:

  • Push an evaluation result back into the third-party system allowing Users to access a quality result linked to a contact from within the third-party system
  • Manually request a contact to be evaluated from within the third party system.

See our integrations guides for more information

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