How do I attach a file (call recording) to a contact / evaluation?

Getting started

Go to Integration settings to reveal the following screen and check if the Individual file upload feature is Active on your account.

When your account is first set up, this feature defaults to the Inactive status. If you wish to activate this feature on your account, simply click the Inactive button to turn it Active.

A note about file storage

If you are on FREE plan, any files uploaded to the platform will only be retained for 30 days. However, once on a paid plan, you can configure the platform to store uploaded files for up to 400 days. In order to configure your file storage rules, simply click Configure.

Uploading and attaching files to contact or evaluations

Users with the permission to upload/view files (See roles & permissions) can attach a call-recording or a contact record to a contact or evaluation in a number of places. 

(1) When creating a contact to evaluate or calibrate


(2) On contacts in the Evaluate work-queue


(3) On evaluations in the completed evaluations table


(4) When viewing an individual evaluation



Access Uploaded files (call recordings)

Once attached to a contact or evaluation, Users with the permission to view files can access a file attached to an evaluation by clicking the view / attach file button on the View evaluation screen to reveal a media player that will play the call recording or or a PDF viewer that will present the contact record.

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