Welcome to our new look & feel! (Release 1)

Before we get started...

Over the last twelve months, we've been working closely with clients to understand what users think about our user interface (UI) and we're now very excited to share details on the first release of our UI Refresh Programme.

The programme will continue to deliver UI updates and enhancements over the coming months (more on that at the end of this article), but this first release offers users a much cleaner, simpler way of navigating around the platform.

Please don't worry - to give users time to get used to the change, you'll have the choice to switch between the existing (Classic) navigation and our refreshed New Look navigation. Only once we feel that the majority of users have acclimatised, will we make the switch permanent.


New side-bar navigation

The first big change is the move away from the Classic Apps menu and Header menu...

Classic View

to the New Look side-bar navigation...

New Look UI

Benefits of the switch

  • Fewer clicks - previously to move from the dashboard to evaluate a contact, you would need to click the Quality App, Click the Evaluate menu option, Click the evaluate button - three clicks. Now simply go the side bar navigation menu, hover over the Evaluate icon and click Add a contact to evaluate - one click.
  • Quick & easy to find features - previously to find a feature, you would need to guess the App, click in to search for the feature. if it wasn't there, click another App and so on until you found the feature you were looking for. Now, you can simply hover over the menu icons to reveal the available features - no clicking and unnecessary refreshing of screens to find what you're looking for.
  • It looks better! - hopefully you'll agree, the look and feel is cleaner and much more aligned to other best-in-class SaaS business software applications you're using.
  • Back-end speed-up - I won't bore you with the details here, but the move away from the Apps menu has added some recognisable navigation speed improvements when you move between features and pages. Hopefully, you'll see and feel the difference.
  • Foundations for the future releases - You'll notice some of the changes in this release - cleaner, crisper fonts and more differentiated wider screen layouts. As we continue to build on this first release we'll be working with clients to further clean and simplify the user experience on key screens and workflows to make the platform even easier to navigate and use.


We've really got the bit between our teeth on this and we have some great upcoming releases that we'd love to get your thoughts and feedback on. The first two future releases have collected the most requests from users on Canny (our product feedback tool).


(1) Client Branding & theming

We're really keen to ensure we build our brand awareness in the market. However, based on research we've undertaken over the last 6 months, a client branded and themed platform increases user engagement by up to a whopping 50%.

Our BPO clients also benefit from being able to brand the platform with the logo and themed colours of their clients in order to help them fully differentiate their QA and agent improvement programme to clients and prospects.

It comes with a price-tag for us and our clients, but initial market testing has been very positive.


(2) Configurable Dashboard

The team is currently mocking up ideas and we're looking to talk to clients to make sure we're on the right tracks. Here's one of our wireframes to get the ball rolling...


(3) Easier access and more engaging user guides

Making user guides much more contextual and accessible on page will further help guide users through the platform.

Other UI stuff on the way...

We have a list of other things we want to explore on the UI including configurable reporting and user profiles - watch this space!!

Not just UI enhancements

In addition to the UI stuff, we're also currently working on a whole set of new workflow features including:

  1. Even more integrations - based on client and new prospect demand, we're currently adding them at 2 per week;
  2. Survey integrations with a whole host of survey platforms including Stella Connect;
  3. Speech & text analytics & auto-QA;
  4. Integrated E-learning; and,
  5. Performance Review & HR management workflows.
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