How do I enable acknowledgement on quality evaluations?

This article will show you how to acknowledge evaluations, and report on acknowledged evaluations.


Getting started

Head over to the Admin page, and access Quality settings. In here, select the Workflow tab, and you'll see the option to enable acknowledgement on evaluations at the bottom of the list:


Once enabled, all evaluations (past and present) will have a new section present when an agent is viewing their own evaluation. If the agent hasn't yet acknowledged the evaluation, they'll be alerted to this fact at the top of the evaluation:


To acknowledge, the agent must scroll to the bottom of the scores panel of the evaluation, where a text box gives them the opportunity to acknowledge with a comment. The agent may also acknowledge without comment.


After successfully acknowledging the evaluation, the agent's acknowledgement appears at the top of the evaluation:



If you have enabled evaluation acknowledgement, you will get a new reporting option shown in your Quality Performance report. When viewing the report under the Agent variant type, you will see a new tab 'Viewed & Acknowledged', which will contain a list of all agents on your system with the relevant counts for their viewing and acknowledging of their own evaluations.




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