QUICK START: Scorecard Builder

Getting started

Scorecard builder enables you to manage all of your scorecards in one place.

Guided by intuitive workflows and on-screen prompts, you can use EvaluAgent to create a library of scorecards that can replicate your existing scoring framework(s) and reflect your approach to quality management - very quickly and with minimal effort.

To help you out, we've also included some example scorecards to provide some ideas and guidance.

To quickly get started, go to Scorecard builder.

From here, you can…

View all your scorecards

Create a new scorecard from scratch

Duplicate a scorecard

Edit a scorecard

Activate / Publish a scorecard

De-activate a scorecard

A quick note on the terminology used within EvaluAgent

Line item: You may refer to these as scorecard questions. They are the elements of the scorecard that you mark during the evaluation process

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