Getting started

You can edit every part of a draft scorecard.

However, once a scorecard is published and becomes active, to ensure reporting integrity, it is not possible to edit most parts of the scorecard. By the same token, inactive scorecards that have evaluations saved against them cannot be edited.

The one exception is guidelines - these can be edited on active scorecards. However, please be aware that any guideline edits are reflected on previously completed evaluations as well as future evaluations. If planned edits to guidelines would materially change how a line item is to be scored, then we would advise you to duplicate and edit the scorecard in order to create a brand new version of the scorecard.

Editing a draft scorecard

Step 1: Click to View the draft scorecard you wish to edit

Step 2: Click one of the links on the scorecard to edit the relevant part. Here, you can:

(a) Delete the scorecard

(b) edit scorecard details

(c) Move sections

(d) Move line items

(e) Edit line items

(f) Delete line items

(g) Edit sections

(h) Delete sections

Editing guidelines

Step 1: Click to View the scorecard you wish to edit.

Step 2: Click to Edit Guidelines

Step 3: With consideration to our warning advice at the top of the model window that appears, you can now edit any of the guidelines for this line item / question

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