Getting started

Go to Scorecard builder to reveal a table of scorecards

Each scorecard has an assigned status (Draft, Active, Inactive) and the table of scorecards can be filtered by status. The rows can also be ranked on column headings to help you quickly find the scorecard you're looking for.

Draft Status

  • All additions and edits to a draft scorecard are automatically saved and each part-completed scorecard is saved as a draft - allowing you to return to complete the process later.
  • You can keep editing a scorecard as much as you like before it becomes Active.
  • To edit a draft scorecard, click View at the end of the row of the scorecard you wish to access and then edit the scorecard
  • Any draft scorecard that has been scheduled to become active will appear in the table with a time icon next to its draft status. Hovering over the icon reveals the scorecard’s activation date and time.
  • Scheduled scorecards can be edited at any time before they are due to become active.

Active Status

  • Once you activate/publish a scorecard its status changes to Active.
  • Active scorecards are available to evaluators and can be used to evaluate contacts.
  • Once a scorecard has been used to evaluate at least one contact, it becomes locked and cannot be edited.

Inactive Status

  • Once you de-activate a scorecard, its status changes to Inactive.
  • Inactive scorecards are no longer available to evaluators and can no longer be used to evaluate contacts.
  • Because inactive scorecards are likely to have been used to evaluate contacts, they are locked and cannot be edited.
  • Inactive scorecards can be re-activated
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