How do I add root causes to a scorecard?

Getting started

You can add a root cause to any line item outcome as follows:

Once you have selected the scoring template you wish to assign to the line item (question)

  1. Click Yes to Root cause selection? and then,
  2. For EACH Outcome (in this example, Pass and Fail) you will have the option to add a list of root causes by clicking +Add root cause option

For maximum flexibility, Root causes are unique to EACH outcome on EACH line item (question) on EACH scorecard

If you wish to only assign root causes to the lower score outcomes that's OK

Once assigned, each time the outcome is selected during evaluation, the Evaluator will be prompted to pick one of the options you've configured here.

If root causes are assigned, you'll be able to click into the relevant performance in the Line Item Performance report to understand the main root causes of any under performance.

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