How do I send an evaluation for review (before it's published)?

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It's sometimes necessary for managers or senior quality analysts to review evaluations before they are published to reports and visible to agents. Examples include:

  1. The need to check the scores of a newly qualified quality analyst;
  2. The need to instigate a coaching conversation with an agent on the back of a particularly poor result before it's published so that the agent is adequately supported; or,
  3. The need for managers to check process and policy specific items which only they can evaluate.

Each operational environment is different - That's why we implemented our Evaluation Review feature - to help support a culture where everyone is empowered to play a part in the evaluation process to ensure accuracy and fairness of results.

In a nutshell, the Evaluation Review feature allows you to send all or only selected evaluations for review before they are published to reports and visible to Agents.

  1. The Evaluator completes the evaluation and then selects someone to review the evaluation from a list of managers. (The list comprises Users who have been granted system permissions to review and publish evaluations).
  2. The selected Reviewer is prompted (via a notification) to review the evaluation, speak with the agent if appropriate, edit and/or publish the evaluation to reports. If necessary, the evaluation can also be deleted by the Reviewer.

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Before explaining the process in more detail, you need to know about Evaluation Review settings and permissions

Configuring Review Settings

Go to Quality Settings and click the Workflow tab to reveal Review settings. The setting is defaulted to Publish all evaluation straight to reports. If you wish to activate the feature simply select one of two available options: (1) Send All evaluations to managers for review; or, (2) Prompt evaluators to choose whether to publish or send to review at the end of each evaluation.


Assigning Review Permissions

For information on assigning permissions click here

Only Users with the permission to Review & publish evaluations can review evaluations prior to publication


Sending an evaluation for review

If you have configured evaluations to be reviewed prior to publication, then the Publish button at the end of the evaluation screen is replaced by a Continue button.


If you've configured all evaluations to be reviewed, on pressing Continue, the following modal pop-up appears and you simply select the Manager who will review the evaluation. Remember, the list of Users available are those Users who have been granted system permissions to review and publish evaluations. (We've kept it deliberately flexible in this respect).

Please Note: The evaluator of this specific evaluation does not appear in the list (even if they have permission to review)


Alternatively, if you've configured evaluators to make the decision between publish without review or send to a manager for review, then the modal pop-up is similar, but includes the additional option to publish the evaluation straight to reports.


In the second option, pressing the Publish without review button means that the evaluation is published to reports in the normal way. However, on pressing the Send to manager button, a number of system actions are triggered.


  • The Reviewer is prompted to review the evaluation via a system notification with a link to the evaluation embedded in the notification.
  • The evaluations scores plus any feedback are quarantined such that the Agent (plus any managers copied into feedback) do not receive any notifications.

Completed Evaluations Table

Evaluations submitted for review do not appear in any reports, but they do appear in the completed evaluations table with a Pending status.

Here, the selected Reviewer can access and process the review. Alternatively, anyone else who has the permission to Review (perhaps if the selected Reviewer is on holiday for example) can take ownership and process the review.

It's worth noting that the Original Evaluator cannot review his own evaluation and anyone who doesn't have permissions to review can only View the pending evaluation.


Reviewing a pending evaluation

Via a one of the aforementioned routes, the Reviewer is directed to the pending evaluation where they have the ability to either: (a) Approve & publish; (b) Edit & publish; or, (c) Delete.


Following Option (a) or (b), a number of system actions are triggered:

  1. The evaluation is published to reports
  2. The Agent receives a notification that they have an evaluation, with an embedded link to the evaluation.
  3. Any feedback that was previously quarantined will also be notified to the agent and any managers that were copied into the feedback
  4. The original evaluator is notified of the outcome of the review, with an embedded link to the evaluation

Following Option (c) the evaluation is simply deleted and doesn't appear in any reports.

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