How do I edit my structure/org chart?

Getting started

Go to User Management and click to View Structure.

From here, you can edit your structure/org-chart at any time by clicking one of the menu options on the row of the org-unit you wish to edit.

Edit a sub-group

Clicking "Edit" reveals the following pop-up window where you can edit the name of the sub-group and/or change the Reporting Level tag.

There are a number of conditions that need to be considered when editing a sub-group:

  1. If the sub-group you are editing has children (i.e. it has levels below it / sub-groups reporting into it), then you will not be able to change it's Reporting Level to Team - A team cannot have any sub-groups "reporting" into it and can only have agents assigned to it.
  2. You will not be allowed to change the name of the sub-group to a name that is already taken by another active or inactive sub-group reporting into the same parent as the sub-group you are editing.
  3. So long as they don't report to the same parent, sub-groups with the same name can co-exist in the structure/org-chart. However, to avoid confusion when it comes to reporting, we advise you to choose unique names for each part of your structure/org-chart.

Move a sub-group

If you need to move a part of the structure from one branch to another, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Add a new sub-group in the new location (ideally with a different name. E.g. if the current sub-group is called Customer Services, the newly created sub-group might be called something like Customer Services v2.0).
  2. If necessary, recreate the required structure underneath the newly created sub-group by adding the relevant sub-groups. (Again, to avoid confusion, perhaps version control the names)
  3. Move the relevant agents to the newly created teams
  4. De-activate the now empty part of the structure / org-chart

De-activate a sub-group

De-activating and re-activating whilst not overly complicated deserves its own article. How do I de-activate / re-activate a sub-group?

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