How do I deactivate or reactivate a part of my structure/org-chart?

Getting started

Go to User Management and click to View Structure.

From here, you can deactivate a sub-group by clicking "Deactivate" in the menu on the row of the sub-group you wish to deactivate.

Deactivating a sub-group

Clicking "Deactivate" reveals the following pop-up window...

You need to take great care here as this action has a number of impacts on your structure / org-chart.

  1. If you deactivate a sub-group, all of the sub-groups beneath the sub-group in question will also be deactivated as long as there are NO Agents assigned to any teams that may exist (at any level) beneath the sub-group you intend to deactivate.
  2. If this is the case, the system will not allow you to de-activate the sub-group. Instead, you will be prompted to first move Agents from the teams in question. How do I move an Agent to a new team?
  3. To help you to quickly identify if a team contains Agents, you can click View Agents in Team from the menu at the end of the row of any sub-group that has been assigned the "Team" Reporting Level.

What happens to deactivated sub-groups?

Deactivated sub-groups are never deleted from the system - they are simply hidden from your structure.

All performance data associated with a deactivated sub-group remains stored in the system. If a report is run for a period where data is available for a deactivated sub-group, then the sub-group in question will appear in the report, allowing you to access results associated with the deactivated sub-group.

In the same way, if a report is run for a period where no data exists for a deactivated sub-group, then the sub-group in question will not appear in the report because it is deactivated and there is no data to present.

Show deactivated sub-groups

You can reveal deactivated sub-groups by clicking the link at the top of your structure.

Reactivating a sub-group

Inactive sub-groups have a grey transparency overlay applied to them when they are revealed in the structure.

You can reactivate sub-groups at any time in hierarchical order. Simply click the Reactivate link on the highest level sub-group and repeat the process until all of the required levels are reactivated.

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