Multi-factor authentication


As an extra level of security when logging into EvaluAgent you can enable Multi-factor authentication for system logon. By enabling this account feature, after entering their unique username and password, the user will be sent an email to the email address linked to their user profile.


The email contains a time-sensitive unique 6-digit code that the user will be required to enter in order to complete the login process and access EvaluAgent.


Getting Started

Go to Security Settings and click the Multi-factor authentication tab

Here you can switch the feature on / off. By default, all accounts are set-up with the feature switched off by default.

Please Note - If you enable Multi-factor authentication and there are users who do not have an email address set up in EvaluAgent, they will be unable to login.

In such scenarios, the system lists the users who don't have an email attached to their profile. See below.

For such users, you'll be directed to User Management where you can add any missing email addresses to the relevant users' profiles.

Updated Login workflow

After the user has entered their username and password, the Evaluagent platform sends the user an email to the address linked to their profile....

Within EvaluAgent, the user is redirected to the second stage login screen where he is prompted to enter the six-digit number contained in the email.

Once the user has successfully entered the 6 digit code he will be logged in to EvaluAgent as normal. If an incorrect code is entered the user will be logged out and they will return to the login screen.

Any System users without an email address attached to their profile will be unable to login. Such users will be prompted to speak to the system administrator who should be able to update their profile.

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