How do I edit the phrases used to encourage agent-feedback during evaluation?

Getting started

Go to Feedback Settings and click the Quality Feedback tab


When building a scorecard, you can choose whether or not to prompt evaluators to add feedback on (1) specific line items; (2) specific sections; and/or, (3) at the end of the evaluation.


PLEASE NOTE: If you don't wish to prompt feedback at all during the evaluation process, then simply uncheck the relevant boxes when building your scorecard(s). If this is the case, then there's no need to configure these global quality-feedback settings since they're not relevant to your needs.


However, if you do wish to prompt feedback during the evaluation process, then this is where you define HOW evaluators will be prompted. Here you can configure four parameters associated with quality feedback.


(1) The title of the feedback: The three default tab-titles (Positive / Negative / Neutral) and their associated colours (Red / Amber / Green) can be edited and saved.


(2) Prompts: The phrases used to prompt each type of feedback on line items/sections / overall evaluation can be edited and saved.


(3) Time to acknowledge before the associated notification goes red


(4) Status - The system enables you to prompt up to three different types of feedback during the evaluation process. However, If you only wish to prompt one or two types of feedback during evaluation (rather than all three options), simply untick the relevant Active status. Feedback option(s) that are un-ticked will NOT be presented to evaluators. (Please note: Whenever a feedback option is made inactive, any feedback previously entered under said option will still be visible in reports).


If all three feedback types remain Active (and the default options haven't been changed), then the feedback pop-up (accessed by clicking a pencil icon or "add feedback" link on the evaluation screen) will look like this...


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