How do new users gain access to the system?

Getting started

Most users you set up in the system will have an email address and we would encourage you to use a person's email address as their username when you add them to the system since emails are most likely unique and more memorable to an individual.

Once you've added a user to the system, the following process will only activate if you have granted the "system access" permission to their profile, thus enabling them to log into EvaluAgent using their own unique username and password.

If you have not granted system access to the user when you added them to the system (E.g. the user is an Agent you simply wish to evaluate) then the following process is not necessary and will not activate.

Step 1: The user will receive an invite email that looks like this...

If they didn't receive an email, ask them to check their junk/spam inbox

Step 2: When they click the link in the email, they'll be taken to the following web-page where they will be prompted to enter and confirm a unique password of their own choice...

If the button in the email doesn't work, ask the user to copy and paste the URL at the bottom of the email directly into their browser

Step 3: On pressing submit, they'll be redirected to the following page...

Step 4: They click to confirm, whereby they are taken to the system log-in screen where they enter their username and new password to log into the platform

What if the person I want to grant system access doesn't have an email address?

If the new user doesn't have an email address, don't worry you can still enable them to get into the system - simply follow the process for resetting a password for a user without an email address

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