ZAPIER: How do I integrate my CRM/Chat platform using Zapier?

The Zapier integration allows you to connect EvaluAgent to over 1,000 applications including many of the most common CRM and chat platforms. Simply follow the steps outlined below and you'll be able to fetch contacts, chats, tickets, or any other relevant item of information into EvaluAgent from 3rd party platforms including:

  • Live Chat
  • Intercom
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sugar CRM
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Freshsales
  • Highrise
  • Intercom
  • Drift
  • Uservoice

See for a full list of the platforms you can integrate with.

Setting up your Zapier Integration

Go to Integration Settings and then...

  1. Click the CRM tab; then,
  2. Click the Add a connector link for Zapier

On clicking the Add a connector link, you'll be directed to the following Authentication screen

Simply follow the on-screen instructions. If you've already obtained an EvaluAgent API Key and Secret they will be presented on-screen. Alternatively, you can create new credentials using the Generate New button. Via either route, here you'll be able to access an EvaluAgent API Key and Secret - You'll need these credentials to set up the Zapier integration.

Now you have your API Key and Secret you are ready to set-up Zapier and choose the application you want to integrate. Simply click the link and you'll be directed to Zapier.

TIP: You'll need to set-up an account with Zapier before proceeding. 


Connecting to a third-party platform using Zapier - Make a Zap!

Once you're logged into Zapier, the link will direct you to the following screen where you can Make a Zap! It's a straight-forward process comprising three steps:

Step 1: Set-up the platform (Trigger App) you wish to integrate

  1. Give the Zap a name
  2. Search for the Trigger App (3rd-party platform) you wish to integrate. 
  3. Click the App you wish to integrate (E.g. LiveChat)


Once you've selected the platform you wish to integrate (LiveChat in this example), the screen will refresh to one that looks similar to the the one presented below. Here, you're presented with the list of triggers which are available for the selected platform. Each available trigger is effectively the event which triggers the third party platform to send a contact to EvaluAgent each time the event happens. 

Simply select the most appropriate event (E.g. Finished Chat) and press Save + Continue to be directed to the next screen where you will to connect Zapier to your 3rd party platform account (E.g. Live Chat). Click Connect an Account and enter the required credentials.

TIP: To complete this step, you'll need to be an account owner / administrator on the third-party platform and have access to an API key for the third-party platform.

If the connection is successful, Zapier will fetch a sample contact and you'll be taken to the following screen

Step 2: Connect EvaluAgent to Zapier

OK. In the previous step, you securely connected your third party platform to Zapier so that contacts can be fetched into Zapier. Now you need to securely connect Zapier to EvaluAgent so that those contacts can be pushed into EvaluAgent 

On the screen above, press the Continue button and you'll be taken to the following screen where you connect to EvaluAgent. 

Click + Add a Step to reveal a list of options. Then  options and then click Action/Search

to reveal the following screen...

In the search bar underneath "Choose an Action App" you should enter "EvaluAgent" and the evaluagent app will appear in the search results.

Once EvaluAgent has been selected you can see the available actions. Select "Import Contact".  and press Save + Continue

You will then be asked to connect your Zapier account to EvaluAgent by entering the EvaluAgent API Key ID and API Secret you derived earlier in the process.


If the connection is successful, Zapier will take you to the following screen.

Press Save + Continue to proceed to Step 3

Step 3: Connect the contact & user fields between the 3rd party platform and EvaluAgent

OK. In the first two steps, you first securely connected your third party platform to Zapier so that Zapier could fetch contacts from your platform. You then securely connected EvaluAgent to Zapier so that EvaluAgent could fetch those contacts from Zapier.

So far, so good!

In the third and final step, we need to match-up the data-fields associated with contacts (E.g. date / agent name / etc) in your platform to the data-fields in EvaluAgent. There are six data-fields in the EvaluAgent-Zapier App. Each one must be matched to the equivalent data-filed in your platform. 

Data-field 1: Contact Date

Clicking into the field in the screen above reveals the full list of data-fields associated with the contacts you are fetching from your platform. Select the data field you want to match to EvaluAgent's Contact Date field. In the LiveChat example, you have the options to match up with either the Chat Started and Chat Ended field.

If you were to select Chat Ended, this effectively tells Zapier that when it pushes a contact to EvaluAgent, the end time of the chat becomes EvaluAgent's Contact date.

Data-field 2: Contact Reference Field

This is the reference that's used to identify the contact. For the LiveChat example, you would most likely select (match-up) LiveChat's Chat ID field (See above) to EvaluAgent's Contact Reference field.

Data-field 3: Link to Record

To enable EvaluAgent to create and present a URL (web-link) that can be clicked in EvaluAgent to allow users access to the contact in the 3rd party platform, you will need to add the 3rd-party platforms prefix URL here. Most web-based platforms use a standard link to prefix all contact references with the unique reference appended to the end of the standard link. 

For example, Live Chat uses the standard link  with the unique contact reference (E.g. PP3NVGLWMK) added to the end of the string to form a unique URL which, when clicked, takes the user to the contact in LiveChat.

If your third-party platform doesn't use such URL links, then this field can be left blank.

Data-field 4: User ID

This is the reference that's used to identify the Agent who processed the contact. For LiveChat you would most likely select (match-up) LiveChat's Agent Email field (See above).

Data-field 5: Link to EvaluAgent User Record

Having selected the third-party platform User ID field, you can now choose the User ID field in EvaluAgent to match it to. You have three options here - Username, Email address or 3rd-party ID field. Obviously, if you've selected LiveChat's Agent Email field, you'd select EvaluAgent's Email address field. 

Data-field 6: Source

This field is a free-text option. It is used to describe the "Source" of the contacts presented in EvaluAgent's imported Contact table. We recommend using the name of the third party platform here. E.g. LiveChat. 

Once you have entered an appropriate Source name you can then press the continue button.

Sending a Test Imported Contact

To ensure everything is working as you expect, Zapier will ask you if you'd like to send a test to EvaluAgent. This step is optional but we do recommend you complete it. 

Depending on the result of the test you can then press the Finish button. Ensure your "Zap!" is set to ON and contacts will begin flowing from your connected system in to EvaluAgent!

Contacts will appear in EvaluAgent

Once set-up, the integration will be polled regularly to automatically fetch contacts into EvaluAgent and will populate the Contacts table in real-time. 

Here, all tickets and contacts imported from third-party systems can be assigned for evaluation.

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