How do I send notifications to Slack or MS Teams?

What platforms can I integrate with?

We have currently integrated EvaluAgent with the following workplace chat/collaboration platforms;

If there are any others that would benefit you, please leave us a Feature Request on our feedback site :) 

Getting Started


To allow you to setup integrations in EvaluAgent you will need to have a role that includes the permission, Manage integrations

Setting up an integration is really easy! Only a few clicks and your done. Let's get started.

First, let's click on the App's menu located in the top right corner of your browser. Then click the option, Admin. You will then be taken to your admin area. Scroll down until you see "Integrations" and click on View to access.

If you can't see that option, please check you have the relevant permissions required (see above).

Once you're on the Integrations screen, you should click on the Workplace chat platforms tab which will display the options to integrate with the available platforms.

When you're ready, go ahead and click on the "Configure" option for your chosen platform. For the purposes of this guide, i'm going to choose "Slack" but the flow for Microsoft Teams is almost identical.


To connect EvaluAgent to Slack press the "Add to Slack" button. You will need "Workspace Admin" permissions to be able to successfully integrate. 

Once you've pressed the "Add to Slack" button you'll be presented with a screen detailing what permissions the EvaluAgent integration will have.

Permissions Requested by Us

For our integration to be able to send notifications to your platform, we will need the following:

What we can view?

  • View basic information about private channels the EvaluAgent has been added to - We can only see private channels if you implicitly add "EvaluAgent" to the channel in your Slack workspace. We cannot see the contents of those channels, only the name of the channel and it's ID. We will be able to view the same information for public channels but "EvaluAgent' doesn't need to be added to the channel.
  • View people and view email addresses in your workspace - this allows us to tag the users that the notification relates to.

What are we able to do? 

  • Send messages to your channels as @evaluagent
  • Send messages to public channels that @evaluagent isn't a member of
  • Send messages to private channels that you have implicitly added @evaluagent to.

If you're happy with the integration being added to your workspace you can go ahead and click the "Allow" button.


Once you've pressed the allow button you'll be taken back into EvaluAgent where you will see the following screen:

You have now successfully authenticated with Slack! You're now ready to configure your notifications! 

You can find out more about configuring your notifications here


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