How do I view and analyse general feedback?

Getting started

Go to the Feedback App where you'll be able to access

  1. Quality Feedback: View feedback that has been generated as part of an evaluation or calibration session
  2. General Feedback: View feedback that has been authored by colleagues on more general topics

General Feedback

On entering the Feedback App, you land on the Quality Feedback screen by default. To access General Feedback, simply click on the General Feedback tab.

Here you can view the volume and sentiment of general feedback and how much feedback is pending acknowledgement.

Views & Permissions

Most of this report is controlled by the reporting-level access assigned to your profile

So for example, if you have been granted full access to all reporting levels, in the Hierarchical view mode you'll enter the report at the top level and be able to click down all the way to individual agents. In Agent view mode you'll see all agents on the account. In Team view mode, you'll see all teams on the account. In Custom reporting view mode, you'll have access to all of your assigned custom reporting groups.

If you're an agent, you'll only see your own feedback.

In order to access general feedback provided to non-agent roles (users with these roles are not included in organisational reporting or custom reporting group structures), users with the permission to View all non-agent general feedback have access to everyone's general feedback. Users without this permission can only view their own general feedback via the My feedback view mode.


The report can be filtered by any date range and a wide range of options

Detailed Analysis

From any level in the report, you can access the following detailed analysis screen by clicking the magnifying glass at the end of the row you wish to explore further...

Here you can view and analyse all elements of the filtered feedback.

Click on a sentiment, acknowledged status, or word in the chart to filter your results in the table. Click again to unfilter.

Delete Feedback

Users assigned the permission to delete feedback will see the trash icon enabling them to delete feedback generated in error.

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