How do I set up a recurring calibration session?

What is a recurring calibration session?

You can use recurring calibration sessions to schedule weekly calibration sessions automatically. You input the details once and each week your EvaluAgent platform will generate a calibration session and invite all the chosen participants to begin their blind evaluations.


Getting Started

Go to Quality and select the Calibrate option. On the top right, click the Actions dropdown and select the 'Set-up a recurring calibration session' option.


You'll then see the creation modal:



What's required to set up the session:


Session Title

This needs to be a unique title, as it will help you identify it later.


Contact Filter

In a normal calibration session process, you would set up the contact before you create the session. For recurring calibration sessions, the system will randomly select a contact from one of your imported contacts filters.


Evaluate before session

As with a normal session creation process, you choose whether, as a facilitator, you also conduct a blind evaluation.


Session Details

As with the normal session creation process, we need to select participants and a location. The main difference between the regular process and the recurring is that you will select a day of the week that the calibration will occur.



You'll need to select a scorecard that will be used in each recurring session.



You will need to set a look-ahead day to dispatch notifications to alert the participants about the blind evaluations that they'll be asked to complete.


Once you click Save, your session is created! You can now access your created recurring sessions from the Actions menu:


Our system will take a log of the date that the session should notify the users and the session will be created when that date is reached. For example, if on a Monday, you set up your recurring calibration session to trigger at 11 am on Friday, with evaluators to be notified two days ahead, the notifications will be sent on Wednesday at 11 am.


Your session will continue to produce calibration sessions each week until you delete it or until your filter exhausts its evaluatable contacts. If the latter occurs, you'll see this warning icon and notice against your recurring session:


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