How do I create an action?

Getting started

To create and assign an Action, you have two options:

Option 1: Create actions within a 1-to-1 meeting.

Option 2: Create an action via the menu.

Please Note: In order to create and assign actions, you will need the permission: Facilitate 1-to-1s & actions. See our guide roles & permissions explained

Option 1: Create actions within a 1-to-1 meeting

During the process of managing a meeting or at any time before the meeting is complete, click the Actions link in the left-hand-side meeting agenda menu and you'll be taken to the Actions section of the meeting.

Here you can create an action. The only required field is Detail the action. Once you've entered the data into the form, click the Create action button and the meeting will be recorded in the second tab.

By clicking on the second tab -Leon's actions ( 1 ) in this example, you'll be taken to a table containing all of Leon's actions. The coloured numbers are simply used to highlight actions added during this particular 1-to-1 meeting, however all of the user's current actions are visible in this table.

Option 2: Create an action from the menu

If you need to create an "impromptu action" outside of a 1-to-1 meeting, simply select New action from the menu and enter details of the action including the action recipient.

Viewing actions

Actions connected to a 1-to-1 meeting are visible within the meeting. In addition, the full list of actions for any User can be accessed via the user's 1-to-1 records & actions table.

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