How do I view & update actions?

Getting started

Go to 1-to-1s & actions and select 1-to-1 records & actions from the menu. Like all reporting, what you see here is dependant on your reporting-level access and permissions.

Viewing actions

Reporting Views

As a manager, you can view data in different ways depending on your permissions.

Hierarchical View: As a manager, you'll enter the report at your reporting-access level to view a summary of meetings and actions. From here, you'll be able to drill down further before selecting to view a specific agent's records and actions.

Agent & Team Views: As a manager, you'll see a full list of all agents or all teams under your reporting-access level.

View my records: As an agent, you'll be taken directly to your list of 1-to-1 meeting records and actions. As a manager who may have been the participant of a meeting, selecting this option will reveal such meetings

Customer reporting View: As a manager, you'll be able to access meetings and actions for agents in any custom reporting groups you've been assigned permission to access.

Manager View: Users assigned the permission View 1-to-1s for all managers can access the 1-to-1 meeting records for all managers who have been the participant of a meeting.

Date Range & Filters

Like other reports on EvaluAgent, you can choose from a variety of filters to narrow down your search.

Accessing a User's Actions

At the very bottom of the report, you can access the actions of a specific user. You also have access to the user's 1-to-1 meeting records.

If you have the permission Delete 1-to-1s and actions, you will have the option to View or Delete actions. Otherwise, you'll only have the option to View actions.

Updating actions

Whether you open an action from inside a 1-to-1 meeting, or from the 1-to-1 records & actions table, you'll see the Action modal.

The action assignee or anyone with the permission to Facilitate 1-to-1s and actions can add a comment or update to an action.

Marking actions as complete

Anyone with the permission to Facilitate 1-to-1s and actions can mark an action as complete. When you're satisfied that the instruction given in the action has been complete, click Mark this action as complete and confirm that the action will be closed:

Once the action is marked as Complete, no more comments or updates can be added to it.

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