QUICK START: 1-to-1s & Actions

Getting started

1-to-1s & Actions includes a wide range of functions that allow you to use quality data and other performance data to manage any type of meeting and add / update actions.

To get started, go to 1-to-1s & Actions

When you first land in the module, you'll be taken to the 1-to-1s & Actions screen

The high-level workflow for 1-to-1s & actions

Step 1: Trigger a meeting Meetings can be triggered from reports or directly from the menu

Step 2: Enter the details of the meeting (E.g. time and place, etc.) Meetings can be started straight away or scheduled for a date and time in the future.

Step 3: View, edit, delete or start a scheduled meeting Scheduled meetings can be viewed, edited or deleted before their start time and, when it's time to start the meeting, the meeting can be opened.

Step 4: Manage the meeting With both the meeting facilitator and participant ready, the meeting can be started. EvaluAgent guides both parties through a structured agenda that can be configured based on meeting templates you create.

Step 5: During the meeting, actions can be assigned and recorded. Actions can also be assigned outside of meetings.

Step 6: Once the meeting has been fully documented, the meeting participant is prompted to formally acknowledge the meeting

Step 7: All 1-to-1 meeting records and actions are recorded in the system enabling users to view and track meetings and view and update actions.

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