What information do I need to set up a 1-to-1 meeting?

Getting Started

Once you've triggered a 1-to-1 meeting, the meeting set-up form is revealed.

The Meeting Set-Up Form


If the meeting has been triggered from a a specific User's report, the user's name will be selected automatically and cannot be changed.

If the meeting has been triggered from the menu, you will be prompted to select a User. The list of Users presented in the drop-down include anyone with access to EvaluAgent. In this way, you can set up meetings for managers as well as agents.


As the person setting up the meeting, this field will default to you. However, you may choose to assign anyone else who has the permission to Facilitate 1-to-1s & actions to be the facilitator of this meeting. See our guide roles & permissions explained


You can configure 1-to-1 meeting topics and any active topics will be shown in the drop-down. You will need to select a topic in order to set-up a meeting.


This is optional, but you may choose to add some additional information here to elaborate on the selected topic and summarise the nature of the meeting.

Prep Notes

Again, this field is optional and can be used to jot down any notes to help you prepare for the meeting. Please Note: Anything you add here will never be visible to the meeting participant.


If you enter a URL (E.g. a Zoom, Teams, or any other video conferencing system link) EvaluAgent will automatically display the long URL as a hyperlink titled 'Online meeting' in all places where it is shown. Alternatively, simply enter the physical location of the meeting.

Meet Now?

You can choose to start your meeting at this time. Alternatively, you can schedule the meeting for a date and time in the future.

If you select "No": The form will open further to prompt you to enter the Date, Time and Duration of the meeting.

You'll also be given the option to create a calendar file. If you select this option, a file will be generated when you've fully completed the form enabling you to create a calendar event in your Outlook or Google Calendar.

Upload attachment(s)

You can upload and attach one or more files to the meeting. Simply click Browse to open up your file manager and select the relevant file. If you make a mistake, don't worry, simply click the trash icon to remove the file. Simply repeat this process to upload and attach multiple files to a meeting.

Set as private

If you choose to set the meeting as private, ONLY the meeting Participant, the meeting Facilitator and any other Users (E.g. HR managers) with the permission: View private 1-to-1s will be able to access details of the meeting record. See our guide roles & permissions explained

Participant preview

This option will only be available (visible on the form) If the meeting is scheduled for a date and time in the future.

If you choose to enable participant preview, then the meeting Participant will be able to access summary and focus information prior to the meeting. Please Note: Any prep notes you add to the meeting will never be visible to the participant.

What Happens Next?

If you selected "Yes" to Meet now? the button at the end of the form is Start. On pressing the Start button, you'll be guided straight into the meeting screens where you can manage the meeting.

If you selected "No" to Meet now? the button at the end of the form is Schedule. On pressing the Schedule button, the following will happen:

(1) The meeting participant will receive a notification about the meeting.

(2) The meeting will appear in the participant's list of scheduled meetings

(3) The meeting will appear in your list of scheduled meetings and you'll be redirected back to that list.


It's worth noting that relevant details in Scheduled and In-progress meetings, as well as meetings Pending participant acknowledgement can be edited. Obviously, once a meeting has been acknowledged and is Complete, it becomes locked and can't be edited any further.

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