Getting started

Once you’re happy with your scorecard, you can publish it and make it available for evaluators to use.

Before you can publish the scorecard, a number of validation checks are made to ensure that the scorecard is fully complete and not missing any scorecard-parameters. For example, if the scorecard is weighted then all line items must have a weighting assigned before the scorecard can be activated.

Don’t worry. If the scorecard is missing any information, you’ll be made aware at this point.

Options for activating a scorecard

When activating/publishing a scorecard, you have three options:

Option 1: Publish now

The scorecard becomes active straight away

Option 2: Publish later

You’ll be prompted to enter a date and time when the scorecard will become active.

Option 3: Optionally deactivate an active scorecard

If you wish that the scorecard you are activating should replace a currently active scorecard, then simply select the scorecard you wish to replace from the drop-down list of currently active scorecards.


Click Publish scorecard and the system will activate the scorecard based on the options you have selected.

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