How do I preview a scorecard?

During the process of building a scorecard, you can preview it and check that it looks as you expect, calculates results as you expect, and presents outcomes and scores as you expect - it's simple - just click the Preview scorecard button

You'll be taken to the scorecard in preview mode, where you can review guidelines, check questions and line items and scoring options. With the exception of the yellow banner that reminds you that you are in preview mode, the scorecard will look and act exactly as if it were published.

You can complete the evaluation process and click preview to see a pop-up screen of results.

You can close the pop-up window, change the scores on the scorecard and then check the results again by simply pressing the preview button again. You can keep doing this to ensure the scorecard is calculating results as you expect.

If you want to edit the scorecard, simply exit preview mode by clicking back to the scorecard builder where you can continue editing the scorecard.

None of the results are published so you can keep testing until you are happy that the scorecard looks and works as you expect before you publish

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