Getting started

EvaluAgent Quality includes a wide range of functions that allow you to manage all of your quality management processes in one place.

To get started, go to Quality


When you first land in the module, you'll be taken to the Evaluate screen

From here, you can…

Completed evaluations

Clicking the second menu option takes you to the Completed evaluations screen

From here, you can…

A note of caution on editing/deleting evaluations

Once evaluations are published, they are visible in reports. Consequently, when evaluations are edited or deleted, reports will change. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you limit the number of users who are given permission to edit/delete evaluations and you implement a number of controls to ensure that editing/deleting evaluations is the exception rather than the rule.

Alternatively, you can configure the system to send evaluations for review prior to publication.


Clicking the third option takes you to the Calibrate screen

From here, you can…

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