How do I manually create and assign a contact to evaluate?

Getting started

Go to Quality and select the Evaluate menu option

Step 1: Click the button: Manually assign a contact to evaluate


Step 2: Enter the relevant details in the modal window that appears


Select the Agent you wish to evaluate from the drop-down list. The list includes all users who have been assigned the Agent role. How do I assign a role to a user?


Select the channel you wish to evaluate. The options available here are determined by the channels that have been assigned to your active scorecards. For example, if you've designed scorecards only to evaluate calls (telephony channel) then only this option will be available. Alternatively, if you have designed a number of scorecards to cover telephony, email, letters, then all three options will be offered in the drop-down box.

For more help on configuring scorecard/reporting labels, specifically, contact channels, see here

For more help on building scorecards, specifically assigning channels to a scorecard, see here


Based on the channel you have just selected, you may be prompted to select a contact that meets specific criteria. For example, if you chose to evaluate a call, you may be prompted to select a call from a Monday or Friday at peak time.

Prompts are used to help guide evaluators to select specific type of contacts based on your quality management policies. You can configure prompts for each channel in Quality Settings

Contact Reference

This is the unique identifier of the contact you wish to evaluate. In the case of a call, it will be the Call ID from your call recording and playback system. Alternatively, in the case of an email or letter, it would be the unique contact reference or case identifier from your CRM system. Each client environment is slightly different. For more help on which identifier to use, please speak to your Quality Manager/Lead.

Case Reference

EvaluAgent enables you to link multiple evaluations to a specific case and/or a specific customer to help you evaluate quality across end-to-end customer experiences. This field is optional. As you start to enter the case reference, it will prompt you with references that match the details you've entered so far.

Contact start time

This is the date and start-time of the contact. In addition to the Agent and Contact Reference selected above, this parameter can be used to help the evaluator find the contact to evaluate.

Handle time (Optional)

If the handle time (of a call) is expressed in seconds, simply add a zero to the first two boxes and enter the handle time (in seconds) into the third box. Alternatively, enter the hours, minutes and seconds into each of the relevant three boxes.

If handle time is not available or not appropriate, just ignore this field - it's optional.


You may use this process to manually create and then assign one or more contacts to a specific evaluator. Simply choose the relevant evaluator from the list. Alternatively, if you wish to evaluate the contact now, do not change the default option - Assign to me and evaluate now. You can also choose to assign to yourself but evaluate later.

Finally, Save contact

Once all of your entries have been validated...

If you selected to evaluate the contact now - you will be taken to the evaluation screen, where you will be able to evaluate the contact

If you assigned the contact to yourself or someone else to evaluate later - you will be taken back to the Evaluate screen where you will see the Pending contact in the work-queue, ready for the assigned colleague to evaluate at a later date.

In addition to this process of manually creating and assigning contacts to evaluate, the platform offers the ability to auto-generate work-queues of contacts to evaluate.

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