How do I set up a calibration session based on a contact that has not been evaluated previously?

Getting started

Go to Quality

Step 1: Select a contact as the focus of the calibration session

  1. Select the Calibrate menu
  2. Click + Create a new contact to calibrate...

... to reveal the following pop-up. Add the contact details and click Next Step...

Step 2: Set up the session

On clicking Next Step, you'll be taken to the following pop-up where you add the details of the calibration session.

  1. You are now the session facilitator and you can decide if you’re going to evaluate the contact before the session or not. This is quite an important option because you have the flexibility to decide whether you want to play an active part in the session to help drive home some specific messaging or act more as an independent participant facilitating a conversation amongst the wider group.
  2. You then set up the date, time and location of the session
  3. You can invite people. As the facilitator, you are automatically invited. You can invite as many people as you wish.
  4. Finally, in order to ensure that all invitees use the same scorecard, you'll need to select one of the live scorecards for invitees to evaluate against.

Step 3: Invitees are notified

Everyone that's invited will receive a notification that invites them to a session and prompts them to "blind" evaluate the selected contact. The notification includes an action button which, on click, takes the invitee to an empty scorecard that includes all the information they need to identify and retrieve the contact and then evaluate in the normal way.

Next Steps

The session is now set up and selected colleagues have been invited.

You can now track progress and prepare for the session and when it's time, you can manage the session

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