QUICK START: User Management

Getting started

User Management is where you create your organisational structure/org-chart, manage roles and permissions, add users and edit user profiles.

To quickly get started, go to User Management.

The recommended process for setting up User Management follows four simple steps:

Step 1: Add your structure/org-chart

To report quality performance in a way that reflects your organisation's reporting hierarchy, you will need to model your org-chart within EvaluAgent. Don't worry, we've made the process very simple and straightforward and it shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to add your structure/org-chart into EvaluAgent.

How do I add my structure/org-chart?

Step 2: Edit roles and assign permissions to roles

The system offers a number of default roles and associated permissions.

Here, you can edit role titles as well as the list of permissions assigned to each role.

You can also create and configure your own roles & permissions.

Once you have configured roles and permissions, you then assign a role(s) to each user as part of Step 3.

How do I edit roles & permissions?

Step 3: Add users and configure their profile

Once you've added your structure/org-chart and you have confirmed roles and associated permissions, you're ready to add users, configure their profiles and assign roles and permissions.

You can complete this step one user at a time or you can add/process multiple users at the same time using EvaluAgent's bulk-upload process.

How do I add a new user?

How do I bulk import users?

How do I assign a role and permissions to a user's profile?

Step 4: Assign what parts of the structure/org-chart the user can access in reports

When it comes to reports (including the dashboard), you need to select what parts of the structure/org-chart a user has access to in terms of performance data.

For example, the Customer Service Director may be granted access to the highest level of the structure, enabling him/her to view performance at every level - from a summary of all performance data down to the performance of an individual agent (and all levels in between).

On the other hand, if an agent is granted access to the system, he/she is only initially granted permission to access their own performance data by default. Of course, if an agent is "acting up" for a period to look after the team (perhaps whilst the team leader is on holiday), he/she may be temporarily assigned permission to access the team's performance.

How do I assign a report-access level to a user's profile?


Once you have completed these four set-up steps, you may edit them at any time.

How do I edit my structure / org-chart?

How do I edit roles & permissions?

How do I edit a user's profile?

How do I edit a user's report-access level?

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