How do I assign performance levels to Dashboard metrics?

Getting started

Go to Reporting Settings

We'll soon be adding more options into Reporting Settings. Currently, the feature offers admin users the ability to configure performance range titles and colours for Dashboard metrics.

Click a status pill to make the feature active/inactive on a selected metric and click the Configure link to add/edit the metric.

On clicking Configure, you'll be able to add levels. Two default levels are seeded onto your account to help you get started. You can edit the default levels and add up to 8 more levels to match your performance rating model.

Using the default levels shown above to explain how this feature works - once activated, the Pass Rate metric would display as green and "On target" if the result was greater than or equal to 80% but would display as red and "Under target" if the result was less than 80%. (The associated title of the level appears when you hover over the metric on the dashboard).

By clicking the Add new performance level button, the following modal window appears where you can add a new level.

Please note that the value you add when creating a new level represents the lower level of a new performance range (with the upper level of that range either being the value associated with the next level up or the top score). So for example, if I were to add a new "Near Target" level with a value of 70....

The new range would be generated and shown as follows...

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