How do I manage Notifications?

Getting started

To get started, first of all, go to Notification Settings to reveal the settings page. From here, you can select which events you wish to notify users about.

There are many events that you can choose to notify users about. However, only events linked to modules you have access to will be visible in the table. As you access more modules, more notifications will appear in the table.

To keep things organised, we've grouped the notifications into tabs. Just click a tab to find out what notifications are available for each module.

Editing Notification Settings

The SLA feature allows you to define how much time a user has to acknowledge the notifications before it's service-level agreement (SLA) is breached.

Notify in System
By enabling this option, your users will get a message within EvaluAgent notifying them of the event and any actions they need to take.

Notify by Email
By enabling this option, your users will get an email notifying them of the event and any actions they need to take.

Please note that email notifications will only be received by users who have an email assigned to their User Profile. How do I edit a User Profile?

Notify by Slack / Microsoft Teams
If you have integrated EvaluAgent with a workplace chat platform you will be able to choose a channel to notify users of events. Simply select a channel you wish to send the notification to from the dropdown menu and we'll begin sending the next time an event occurs.

To turn off notifications for Slack / Microsoft Teams, just choose the option Off - don't send.

Previewing Notifications

You can now preview what a notification will look like depending on what options you've turned on. Click on the "View" link and we'll show you the title, message and any action button that appears for the selected notification.

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