The EvaluAgent-Open API enables you to:

  • Push user details (such as joiners / leavers / movers) into EvaluAgent from your workforce management system
  • Push contact details (from your contact management systems) into EvaluAgent
  • Fetch evaluation result details from EvaluAgent into your BI / management reporting platform

All in real-time and all automatically

Accessing API keys and documentation

Go to Integration Settings and then select the API tab

You'll need some technical resource your side to establish links to EvaluAgent using the API, but our API documentation is located here

You can use the EvaluAgent API to access and update information within your EvaluAgent account. The API is REST-based, follows the JSON:API spec

Authentication is carried out using Basic Auth. The EvaluAgent API is stateless so this must be included with each request. An API key and secret can be generated on the Integrations page as illustrated above.

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