How do I create data-capture (non-scored) questions?

Getting started

Go to Quality Settings and click the Data capture questions tab

Here, you can create a list of questions that will be made available to you when you’re building your scorecards. For each question you create, you can also add a list of response options or enable a free-text response to the question.

Click + New question to reveal the following modal pop-up

  1. Add the phrase you wish to use to prompt the Evaluator;
  2. Decide whether or not the question will be assigned a free-text response option or a list of pre-populated responses to choose from.

Free text response = No

You'll be prompted to create a list of responses such that when the evaluator answers the question, they will be able to choose an option from a pre-populated list. Simply click + Add response to the question and add your first response option. Repeat the process until you've added the full list of responses and then click the Save changes button

TIP: Creating a list of responses enables you to filter results in the reports based on a specific response. 

Free text response = Yes

No further action is required. The prompt to add a response will disappear and you simply need to click the Save changes button.

TIP: Free text responses can't be used to filter results. By virtue of prompting evaluators to answer a question in their "own words", the range of possible responses becomes very large and cumbersome to present as a list of possible filters. 

Once questions and (where applicable) responses have been added, they will appear in the questions table...

Here, you can:

  • Edit and delete Questions whilst they remain Unused (not answered on an evaluation). However, as soon as a question has been answered, it can no longer be edited or deleted (to maintain reporting integrity).
  • Edit and delete Responses whilst they remain Unused (not selected as part of an evaluation). However, as soon as a response has been selected, it can no longer be edited or deleted (to maintain reporting integrity).
  • Add new questions at any time
  • Add new responses at any time
  • Deactivate / Reactivate questions and responses at any time - simply click on the status pill to change it from Active to Inactive and vice-versa. Please Note: Only active questions and responses are available to Evaluators

If you add a question to a scorecard, at the end of the evaluation process, evaluators using said scorecard will be prompted to answer the question, effectively stamping the evaluation with information that can be used (where available) to filter results. to the question here.

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