How do I create my own customised scoring templates for line items / questions?

Getting started

Go to Quality Settings and click the Line item scoring tab

EvaluAgent offers a number of default templates which, before use, you can edit. However, if they don't suit your needs, you can create your own unique / fully customised templates. Click on + New scoring template to open up the following modal pop-up

  1. Assign a Name to the template
  2. Decide on the number of possible outcomes that will be assigned to the template - You can assign any number of outcomes from 2 to 11 outcomes
  3. Assign an Outcome title to each outcome
  4. Assign a Score to each Outcome. The top score for a template must always be "1", and the bottom score "0". However, any score between 0 and 1 can be assigned to any other outcomes, so long as they are ordered in descending value.
  5. Decide how the system will treat each outcome. The Line Item Performance Report presents the performance breakdown of all the possible outcomes available on each line item. However, to enable line items with different scoring templates to be grouped together in the Category Performance Report, all outcomes also need to be classified (treated) as either a system "Pass" or a system "Fail".
  6. Assign a Colour by clicking the colour box to reveal a palette of colours to choose from

Once a scoring template is Active (i.e it is assigned to an Active scorecard) and/or is used as part of an evaluation, it becomes locked and can no longer be edited.

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