How do I configure my own Manual Evaluation Outcomes?

Getting started

Go to Quality Settings and click the Evaluation Outcome tab and scroll down to Manual Evaluation Outcomes


As an alternative to system outcomes being automatically assigned to an evaluation, you may wish to configure a list of evaluation outcomes that an evaluator is prompted to choose from at the end of each evaluation.

When this “manual over-ride” option is assigned to a scorecard, it effectively replaces the need for the system to automatically derive an evaluation outcome. Consequently, scorecard pass rate and auto-FAIL options are not available on scorecards using manual evaluation outcome.

Default Options

The system offers three default outcomes which you can edit by clicking Edit from the Actions menu at the end of the row of the outcome you wish to edit.

Once used on a scorecard, Outcomes cannot be edited or deleted to maintain reporting integrity.

Outcomes can be activated/deactivated by clicking the status pill. An Active outcome can be deactivated by clicking the Active pill and vice-versa.

Create your own Customised Manual Outcomes

You can create your own outcomes by clicking + New outcome to reveal the following modal pop-up

Here you can:

  1. Assign a Title to the Outcome
  2. Assign a Description
  3. Assign a Colour 
  4. Assign an Equivalent System Outcome based on the words/phrases you have configured for System Evaluation Outcomes. The Equivalent System Outcome is simply required so that the Quality Performance Report can combine and present the results of scorecards that use Manual Evaluation Outcomes with the results of scorecards that use System Evaluation Outcomes.

Once you have a list of Manual Outcomes that match your requirements, you have the option to add them to your scorecards. Simply select the Manual Selection Outcome option when you create a scorecard

If Manual Outcomes are assigned to a Scorecard, then, rather than the system deriving an outcome at the end of the evaluation process, the Evaluator will be prompted to select one of the outcomes and (if configured), will be further prompted to select the line item (question) that they feel contributed most to the selected outcome.

Manual Outcome results are presented in the Quality Performance report and, if evaluators have been prompted to select the line item (question) which they feel has most influenced the outcome, it is possible to click into any one of the outcome results to understand which line items (questions) have influenced the selected outcome.

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