How do I integrate with Salesforce?


To add this integration to your Salesforce account you will need appropriate permissions to allow "Connected Apps" to be installed.


To allow you to set up integrations in EvaluAgent you will need to have a role that includes the permission, Manage integrations.


What does this integration do?

EvaluAgent's integration with Salesforce fetches Cases / Tasks from Salesforce as they are created. This is achieved via the Salesforce REST API that we poll at defined intervals.


We will then import that information into EvaluAgent ready for you to use in Workqueues, or you can manually assign Contacts to your team,


Getting Started

Our integration with Salesforce is really easy to get set up! First, let's click on the App's menu located in the top right corner of your browser. Then click the option, Admin. You will then be taken to the admin area. Scroll down until you see "Integrations" and click on View to access.

If you can't see that option, please check you have the relevant permissions required (see prerequisites above).


Once you're on the Integrations screen, you will see a list of the available platforms you can integrate with.


Go ahead and click on the "Set-up" link and you'll be taken to the following screen that will then begin the authentication process with Salesforce.


The Salesforce integration will ask you to specify the type of Salesforce account you're integrating with;

  • Default - This is your live / production version of Salesforce (Most users should should select this option).
  • Sandbox - This is your test / development Salesforce account that will us a slightly different URL.

If you're unsure which option to select, please contact us at or use the chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


Once you've selected the type of Salesforce account you want to connect, press the "Authenticate" button.


You will then be asked to login to Salesforce and approve the application being installed.


By allowing the EvaluAgent integration access we will be able to access information about your Cases / Tasks so we can import them into the EvaluAgent platform, ready for your team to evaluate.


Imported Contacts

Once we start to fetch Cases / Tasks from your Salesforce account these interactions will become available for you to evaluate.


You can access "Imported Contacts" by clicking on the Apps Menu, then Quality. From the navigation bar, click on "Imported Contacts".


You can use the Imported Contacts table to create powerful filters that use the metadata of the Case/Task as filterable options. Once your filters are saved, your can use EvaluAgent Work Queue feature to automate the work allocation process for you. Alternatively, you can still go ahead and manually assign contacts for evaluation.


You can find more about Work Queues and creating a queue of contacts to evaluate here - "Create a queue of contacts to evaluate"












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