How do I acknowledge a 1-to-1 meeting?

Getting started

When a facilitator submits a 1-to-1 meeting for the participant to acknowledge as a true and fair reflection of the meeting, a notification is sent to the participant requesting them to to acknowledge the meeting.

You can access the meeting by clicking View session in your notification.

At the same time, the meeting will be visible under the 1-to-1s records & actions menu option. To access the meeting from this table, simply click View.

You'll be directed to the meeting where you can review the record of the meeting including the facilitator's documentation of the conversation.

To acknowledge the meeting, select the Acknowledgement link in the left-hand-side meeting agenda menu.

On the Acknowledgement page, you'll see any final comments that the facilitator has left. You need to add a response to each available text box in order to acknowledge the session.

Once you have completed the form, clicking the Acknowledge button will notify the facilitator and change the status of the meeting to: Complete & acknowledged.

Once a meeting is Complete & acknowledged, nothing within the meeting record can be edited.

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