Getting started

To get started, Go to Quality

Step 1: Find and select the evaluation you wish to edit

Select the Completed evaluations menu option and filter the list of evaluations by Evaluation date, Agent, and/or Evaluator.

Step 2: Click Edit

Once you have found the evaluation you are looking for, click the Burger menu on the row of the evaluation you wish to edit and then click Edit to reveal the previously completed evaluation.

Step 3: Edit the results and/or any feedback

Follow the same process as you do when you evaluate a contact. (From Step 2 onward). The only difference being that in this case, you'll be presented with the previously completed scores and feedback that you can edit/overwrite.

When you have completed your edits, simply click Update evaluation and the original evaluation will be updated/overwritten to reflect the changes you have made.

Please Note: We advise that only a small controlled group of Administrators are granted permission to edit and delete evaluations. Once published, evaluations are made available in reports such that when evaluations are edited or deleted, reports and results will be refreshed to reflect any changes.

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