How do I create a new scorecard?

Getting started

Go to Scorecard Builder and click + New scorecard... reveal the Create scorecard screen which enables you to add scorecard details:


This name will appear in all reports. It is not possible to have two scorecards with the same name, so we recommend that you version control your scorecards.


This is optional, but you can use the description field to add any context to the scorecard.


You can use EvaluAgent to evaluate contacts on any channel. Channels are used to help filter which scorecards are presented to the evaluator and can also be used to filter reports. Contact channels can be configured in Quality Settings

Contact types

Like channels, contact types can be used to filter scorecards and reports. Contact types can be configured in Quality Settings

Allow scorecard feedback?

EvaluAgent enables you to create scorecards that prompt Evaluators to add agent-feedback on the overall evaluation, on a section or on a line item. Here you simply decide whether your scorecard will allow an evaluator to add feedback on the overall evaluation. The words and language used to prompt feedback can be configured in Quality Settings. 

Is it a weighted scorecard?

EvaluAgent can accommodate weighted and non-weighted scorecards. If the scorecard is weighted, then you will be prompted to assign a weighting to each line item/question.

Evaluation Outcome

You have two options here.

  • System Derived: Every time this scorecard is used to evaluate a contact, the Outcome ("Pass" or "Fail") is derived by comparing the resulting quality score against the Pass rate that you enter. In this option, auto-fail line items are also used to determine the Outcome. E.g. if an auto-fail line item is marked as a "Fail", then the Evaluation Outcome will be a "Fail". Note - you can change the words used to describe these System-derived "Pass" / Fail" outcomes

Once you have added the scorecard details, you’re ready to start adding sections and line items/questions to your scorecard.

How do I add a section to a scorecard?

How do I add a line-item / question to a scorecard?

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