How do I add a line-item / question to a scorecard?

Getting started

You can add a line item at any time during the scorecard creation/editing process.

Once you have completed the first step in building your scorecard and you have added the scorecard details, you have the option to add the first section or a line item

If your scorecard has no sections, simply click line item...

11.png reveal the following pop-up window...


Here, you can add the line item details:


Add a Title for the line item. This is the line item description or question that will appear on the scorecard.

Allow line item feedback?

Decide whether the system will prompt an Evaluator to add feedback for this line item during evaluation. The words and language used to prompt feedback can be configured in Quality Settings. 


Assign any categories to the line item. Categories can be used to filter reports and identify the performance of line items that have been categorised under a specific heading. For example, you may wish to understand the performance of all line items categorised as Risk. Line item categories can be configured in Quality Settings

Allow N/A (not applicable)? and auto-fail

Decide whether or not the line item can be marked as not applicable and whether or not the line item is an auto-fail line item whereby the evaluation FAILS if this line item is marked as a "fail" during evaluation.

Scoring Template

Assign a scoring template to be used as the basis for marking this line item. 

EvaluAgent offers a number of default scoring templates

Alternatively, you can create your own fully customised scoring templates

All active scoring templates will be available in the drop-down box. Any templates you have made inactive will not appear.

Root Cause

During the process of adding a step, you may choose to assign a list of possible root causes to each scoring outcome to prompt evaluators to select a root cause when a specific outcome is selected.


If this is a weighted scorecard, then you will need to add a weighting for the line item.

Don’t worry about making the weighting of all line items add up to 100% at this point. When you save the scorecard, the system will sum the weightings for all line items and then divide each individual line item weighting by this sum to derive a percentage weight for each line item.

In this way, the sum of the system-derived percentages will always add up to 100%.

Of course, if your scorecard has percentages already assigned and you’re comfortable that they all add up to 100%, just add each line-item percentage as an integer into the field.

Adding more line items

Once you've added your first line item, click Add line item and repeat the process until you have added all of your line items to the scorecard.

You can edit line items and sections and re-order them at any time during the process of drafting a scorecard.

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