How do I add a section to a scorecard?

Getting started

You can add a section at any time during the scorecard creation/editing process.

Once you have completed the first step in building your scorecard and you have added the scorecard details, you have the option to add the first section or a line item

To add a section, simply click add the first section


In the pop-up window that appears, add a Title for the section; add a Description (optional) and decide whether to allow an Evaluator to add agent-feedback to this section during evaluation.


Alternatively, if your scorecard doesn’t contain any sections, you can simply start adding line items/questions. How do I add line items to a scorecard?

Don’t worry, if you decide to add sections after you’ve started adding line items, simply click Add section at the bottom of the scorecard


In this scenario, any line items that have been added already will automatically be assigned to a generic Section entitled “General” which you can then edit.

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