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Every contact that is "fetched" or imported into EvaluAgent from one of your existing systems (CRM / Chat system / Call-recording platform) will have an assigned User (Typically this is the agent who handled the contact).

In order to evaluate said contacts and link results back to the correct Agents in EvaluAgent, we need to link each Agent in your system(s) to the same Agent in EvaluAgent. We do this by linking a User Identifier field in your existing system to one of EvaluAgent’s User Identifier fields.

The exact process for each specific integration is detailed in the relevant Help Guide. E.g. the process for linking up Users in Zendesk is detailed in the guide: ZENDESK: How do I filter which Zendesk tickets are fetched into EvaluAgent?

The following guidelines simply describe the general principles of matching users in your existing system to users in EvaluAgent - It’s a very simple process comprising three steps..

Step 1: Select the User Identifier Field in your existing system

Each User in your existing system(s) should have a unique identifier. It could be anything but it’s typically either their email address, their unique username, or a unique alphanumeric code (such as the code they use to log into your telephony system).

As an example, if you’re integrating Zendesk – it’s the User’s Primary Email we’re talking about here. It’s slightly different for each third-party system, but hopefully you get the gist.

Step 2: Select the User Identifier Field in EvaluAgent

For maximum flexibility, each User in EvaluAgent can be identified via one of the following three fields (Email Address, Username, External System User ID) – each of which (if used) needs to be unique for each User in your account.

Step 3: Confirm the formats and entries in the two selected Identifier Fields are the same

Once you’ve selected the User Identifier Field in your existing system plus the User Identifier Field in EvaluAgent, just confirm that the format of these fields is the same. For example, if you’ve chosen to link-up users in both systems via their email address, you’ll need to ensure that each User in both systems has the correct email address assigned to their profile in both systems

Last bit of advice…

Please be careful - if the entries in the selected fields are not spelt the same, or you match fields that don’t share the same format, then EvaluAgent won’t be able to link Users between the two systems.

So long as the format of the two selected fields is the same, and each user’s identifier is unique and is exactly the same in both systems, then contacts and their associated Users in your existing system will be matched (without error) to evaluations and their associated Users in EvaluAgent.

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