The EvaluAgent-Zendesk Integration enables you to:

  • Automatically fetch and present Zendesk tickets in EvaluAgent that meet your configured filters.
  • Select and assign Zendesk tickets for evaluation.
  • Access the underlying Zendesk ticket during evaluation and from the evaluation result screen via a link back to Zendesk. (So long as the User has access and permissions set in Zendesk).
  • Push an evaluation result back into Zendesk allowing your Zendesk Users to access a quality result linked to a ticket.
  • Manually request a Zendesk ticket to be evaluated.

See Getting started with third-party system integrations for more information

Setting up your Zendesk Integration

Go to Integration Settings and then...

  1. Click the CRM tab; then,
  2. Click the Integrate* link for Zendesk...

* If someone has already connected Zendesk to your EvaluAgent account, the Integrate link will not appear. Instead, you can access the integration to Add a connector (a set of rules that filter which tickets will be fetched from Zendesk into EvaluAgent).

On clicking the Integrate link, you'll be directed to the following screen, where you'll be prompted to enter your Zendesk sub-domain

Tip: If the address of your Zendesk account was:, then you's imply need to enter ABCEnergy to authenticate.

Tip: You'll need to be logged into Zendesk as a Zendesk administrator / account owner for the next step to work. When you enter the correct sub-domain address and press the Authenticate button, you'll be taken to the following screen in Zendesk

Simply Allow the integration and you'll be redirected back to the following screen where you'll be able to add a connector which, once activated, will automatically fetch Zendesk ticket references into EvaluAgent based on any filters you configure as part of setting up the connector.

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