A Connector is a set of filters that enable you to group imported calls / contacts together based on their match to configured criteria. For example, you may wish to create a Connector that matches together (and tags) all imported calls processed in the last 7 days where call duration was greater than 100 seconds and less than 300 seconds.

Once a connector is set-up, you can filter the imported contacts table by that connector to help you quickly find and assign specific call-types for evaluation.

Before setting up a connector to filter imported contacts, you'll first need to set up the SFTP integration.

Getting Started

First, Go to Integration Settings and then click the File Upload Tab to reveal the following screen

Then, click on the Add connector link to reveal the following screen...

  1. Assign a title to the connector - You can create multiple connectors, but each one must have a unique title.
  2. Select the time period parameters to filter calls / contacts. E.g. if you select Time Period = Last 24 hours, then the connector will work to tag calls / contacts less than 24 hours old.
  3. Select other filters to be applied as part of the tagging process. These are optional and you can add as many as you wish. The filters available are based on the fields available in your imported CSV file.

Once you've added all of the relevant details, click the Activate button and you'll be taken to the Connectors tab where you can view / deactivate / reactivate / delete connectors.

All active SFTP connectors are polled once a day to automatically update connector tags on imported calls / contacts (based on the rules associated with the active connectors). Any calls / contacts that are tagged with more than one connector will only ever appear once in the Imported contacts table.

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