Only recipients (most often agents) can acknowledge a coaching session and, in order to do this, they will need access to the platform.

Getting started

Go to the Coaching App

Agents will typically be taken directly to their list of completed coaching sessions

Any coaching sessions that has not yet been acknowledged will have the timer icon visible and the time since the session was submitted. A notification will also be presented to the agent to remind them to acknowledge the coaching session.

If a time to acknowledge (SLA) has been set in Notification settings, if the coaching session is out of SLA, it will appear in red.

View and acknowledge a coaching session

Details of the session can be accessed by clicking View at the end of the row of the session you wish to view.

Alternatively, the recipient (and anyone else who was copied into the session at the point of submission) can access the session details by clicking on the link in a notification.

Via either route, clicking on the relevant link takes the user to the following screen...

(Only) If you are the recipient, you will have access to the Acknowledge session button

Pressing the button, reveals the following modal pop-up window where the recipient can add any comments. The headings in this pop-up can be configured via the Coach-form builder

Once acknowledged, the originator is notified and the coaching session is updated in the table to reflect that the session has been acknowledged. This keeps the process of coaching transparent.

When anyone views a coaching session that has been acknowledged, they will be able to access the session details and any post-session comments or questions added by the agent.

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