Getting started

Go to the Coaching App

Here you can view the volume of coaching that has been completed and understand how many session are pending acknowledgement.

This table works on the principle of the performance reports - you'll enter at the level of the organisation you have been granted access to. (Your reporting-level access permission).

Like reports, the table offers hierarchical click-through (Hierarchical view), access to all teams data (Team view) and access to all agents data (Agent view).

At the lowest-level of the table, you can access each Agent's coaching sessions. When an Agent accesses this table, they are taken directly (and only) to their table of coaching sessions.

If you have permission to start a coaching session, the button will be visible.

Sessions can be filtered by submission date and grouped together by Topic.

Details of the session can be accessed by clicking View at the end of the row of the session you wish to view. On click, you will be taken to the View session screen where you can access all details of the coaching session

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