Getting started

Go to the Coaching App

From here, you can view coaching sessions at all levels of the organisation and ultimately run a coaching session for a specific agent.

When you first enter this part of the platform, you'll enter the table at your assigned reporting-level

From your entry-level, simply navigate to the agent you wish to coach and you'll eventually arrive at the agents list of previous coaching sessions.

Start a coaching session

In this example, we've clicked into Agent: Aairah Garza to access her coaching records.

If you have been assigned the permission to coach, you'll have access to the +Start coaching session button.

Click the button to reveal the following modal window...

Select a coaching form - You'll be offered a list of forms to choose from. The system includes three default forms and you can design and configured your own coach-forms using the Coach Form Builder.

Select a topic - You'll be offered a list of topics to choose from. The system includes a list of default topics and you can configure your own list of coach topics via Coach & Feedback settings.

TOP TIP: If, as part of this coaching session, you wish to access quality data and select specific line items to focus on, then the chosen topic must be set to use quality data. If you wish to use external data as the focus of a session, then the chosen topic must be set to not use quality data.

On clicking the Start session button you're ready to run the coaching session

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